Playing Battlez FMX Edition is fun, fast and action packed. It takes a combination of skillz, luck and strategy to win. The object of the game is to play out a Freestyle MX show, scoring or subtracting pointz by matching the dice combinations shown on the cardz. First player to 100 points wins. Here's how to play:

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Step 1: Choose which FMX star you want to play as.

Step 2: Draw 5 cards from that deck to start with. Leave the remaining face down in a pile.

Step 3: Roll one D10 dice each and whoever rolls the highest number starts first.

Step 4: Play your first move. Will it be a 5 point Whip or a 100 point Kiss of Death? You decide. But you must start with a "+" card. If you score, take that amount from the "points card" pile and place it on your side. (Some cards allow you to roll either 2 6 sided dice" or 1 "10 sided" die. The choice is yours.) Once done, pull another card from your player deck.

Step 5: Now it's the other players turn. If the 1st player scored, you can choose to play a "-" card and take points away or choose to play a "+" card and score some points of your own. If you play a "-" card and score, than take that many points away from your opponents pile and put it back into the main pointz stack.

Step 6: When it is your turn again you can choose to play the same card, or play a new card from your hand.

Keep playing until someone scores 100 and the other fails to bring them below that knock out level.

Special Cardz:

rockstar card
Rockstar Energy Boost Card: This card allows you to roll all 3 dice at once on cards that have that option. Thereby giving you a better chance to score. To play this card, place it down right before playing a "+" or "-" move. You can only use this once.


Stop Card: If you want to stop your opponent from playing the same card over and over again, than place a stop card on top, and they have to play a new card. If you use this option, you lose your turn.

Battlez BandAid: If you happen to get lucky and have one of these in your hand, use it to immediately take 50 points away from your opponent. This uses up your turn.



Q. I scored 100 points, now what?

A. Your opponent has one last time to try and bring you below 100. If they have a BandAid, they can use that or try and use a "-" card. If they fail, you win. Play again and see if you truly are the best FMX rider!

Q. What does a re-roll mean?

A. If you hit that dice combination on the card indicated as a re-roll (different colored #'s), go again and try to score some more!

In this example, if you hit one of the combinations with a red color, you roll again:


Q. What happens when I run out of cards?

A. Leave your last played move there face up. Re-Shuffle your pile and choose 5 cards again.


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